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Welcome To The Road Map To Peace

1 Sadako's Story... a link to Neve Shalom - Wahat al-Salam and SchoolNet Global pages on Peace.
2 Thoughts on Peace... Organizations for Peace... Towards Humanity and Save The Children.

The Road Map To Peace Project provides SchoolNet Global children with the opportunity to learn about the issues that often act as roadblocks to World Peace. Two schools, John Cabot City Technology College in Bristol UK and Vasant Valley School in New Delhi India have worked together in SchoolNet Global to articulate strategies to promote peace in the Middle East focussing on the Arab-Israeli conflict and specifically the initiatives required to bring peace to that region.

SchoolNet Global is pleased to extend this project to encompass the goal of achieving World Peace. In doing so it extends an invitation to all schools within the SchoolNet Global family to publish their students ideas for the promotion of peace among all nations and peoples of the world. The best of these efforts will be featured in our online magazine “Peace Papers”