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The themes published on this page are only for guidance and thought. They are not prescriptive and in many cases they arise out of the investigations and discussions carried out within the project.

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Poverty.......The Distribution of Resources and Wealth
It has always been essential for people to acquire their basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. For without this survival is difficult if not impossible. The world's resources have never been equally distributed. One of the foremost peace initiatives is to assure that all the world's people are fed, clothed and sheltered,

However, there is a huge gap both within and without all nations: the gap between those that have and those that have not. Even in the wealthiest nations and the richest cities there are those that are homeless and hungry.

In a discussion that went on between students at John Cabot and Vasant Valley, the following was recorded.

Charlotte Merriman, John Cabot:
"...they thought it would only make the problem worse because rich people would get loads of land whereas poor people would be forced to become refugees or end up fighting for land again.

Shaman Marya, Vasant Valley:
"I think this is very true that the poor people will suffer and the governments of these countries are also poor so they will not be able to give land and the result will be as you said. then fights over land will start and there will be a civil war which could end up in further breaking down of the country ..."