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#2 ....................... A Publication Of SchoolNet Global
In This Issue
SchoolNet Children begin to air their views regarding World Peace and we start to focus on learning about the issues that must be addressed if such peace is to be achieved. We begin by making an initial connection with two humanitarian organizations: Towards Humanity and Save The Children.
WISSAM BOUSTANY VISITS HADLEIGH by Sian (11) and Christopher (11)
Wissam plays with some young flautists from the schools
Wissam plays with some young flautists from the schools
Wissam Boustany came to Hadleigh; a one-off chance for young flautists in the region... Wissam performed in a concert, with the flute choir. The flute choir, 35 flute pupils and tutors, had rehearsed the night before ...

Wissam Boustany is an international flutist, originally from the Lebanon, who studied music in America and Europe and now lives in London.

He is the founder of the humanitarian group
'Towards Humanity', a charitable organisation whose aim is to promote peace through music. More

Will There?
St. Mary's Dalton-in-Furness
St. Mary's Dalton-in-Furness
Will there be plenty to eat, or will there be scraps?
Will people live and survive, with the water in the taps?

Will the country-side still be bright or will it be dull and dark?
Will they build new houses,
Will we still have a park?...

My World

I want the world to have peace and I don't want there to be any more wars. I want the world to be safe and sound. I hope the world is not destroyed by people who want to build houses in the fields. I wish the world to have happiness all round. If any bad things happen I want the police to stop it so everyone will be safe. More

My Quest For Peace
Everything is still,
Everything is calm,
People down the street,
To us, they mean no harm.

But still some countries fight,
Through the day and night.

Peace is something I hope for,
In countries great and small.
But still, the sound of gunfire.
And bombs, they still do fall.
My Little Green Country
The Old Part Of Klaipeda
The Old Part Of Klaipeda
The country, in which I live is called, Lithuania. Lithuania was the last pagan state in Europe to be converted to Christianity. The city's name, where I live, is Klaipeda. It's a very old city, which was called "Memel" in the past and belonged to German people...

The main thing that happened since I was born is the collapse of the Soviet Union's system and declaration of independence on 11 March, 1990. Lithuania was one of the first countries which advocated openness, democracy and sovereignty.

Besides, Lithuania has become the second country after Romania to join NATO's Partnership for Peace programme. More

Click to view a video from Save The Children
Click to view a video from Save The Children
My perfect world would have NO wars or fighting and NO murder, pollution or child abuse.

NO wars would mean that there would finally be world peace.

My perfect world would also have a lot less starvation which would cause less death and less diseases.

Hoping for World Peace
I would love it, if in the future, they would announce that all the countries had agreed to have 'World Peace'. That would include:

Cancelling world debt
Stopping Wars, Fights, Hunger, Cruelty

Basically everything would be put right. Then, that would be my perfect world.

How it will probably turn-out......... More

Peace on Earth
Wouldn't it be lovely if there was complete peace on earth, countries would share as much as they have and everyone would live in a warm, clean, healthy and friendly enviroment.

More people would be living in homes and nobody would be out on the streets sleeping in boxes and rags.

(Click on the image at the right to go directly to the Save The Children website.............ed)