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The development of this directory is one step towards building an international learning community within SchoolNet Global. Its a place to put a face to a name, a place to begin to know one another and, in a very small way, it is a place to recognize those who, in many ways, are instrumental, in the development of SchoolNet Global's Collaborative Learning Projects.

We invite teachers, wherever they are in the world, to join the group and get their students involved in SchoolNet Global. It will be great to have you aboard.
Dave Allan Collaborative Projects Development / Intuitive Media
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

British born Canadian, Dave Allan is a distinguished educator. He began his long career in public education in 1956. He holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from the same institution. He pursued his Doctoral Studies at the University of Oregon.

Dave is an Apple Global Education Fellow and the only three-time recipient of the Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teacher Award for Innovation in Educational Technology. He was also a recipient of the British Columbia Principals' and Vice Principals' Associations' Leadership Award. More>
Dr. Merle Marsh School Administrator, Worcester Preparatory School
Berlin Maryland USA

Merle Marsh is the author of books and brochures on technology in education, and has worked with computers and kids for over two decades. She writes for CableVision's Power to Learn, The Knowledge Loom, and The Children's Software Press. She's been a media spokesman for both Microsoft and Apple and helped start some of the first interactive chats and curricular areas on the Apple site.
Dr. Baldev Singh Head of Computing, John Cabot CityTechnology College
Bristol, United Kingdom

Baldev Singh also manages the E-Citizenship programme at John Cabot which is an on-line course he has developed. Baldev has been involved in teacher training in how to use ICT to enhance teaching and learning in Cairo, Jordan, Namibia and South Africa. He has worked as a consultant on behalf of Microsoft (UK) to help Jordanian and Namibian education departments to develop their ICT curriculum and explore the innovative use of ICT in the classroom. He has worked with British Council and has been an invited speaker to talk at national and international conferences on the role of ICT in creating a "Borderless classroom". Baldev has worked on joint colloborative projects with schools in India and South Africa. He has recently been shortlisted for the "National Best Teachers Award" for innovation for the year 2004.

Colette Cotton Teacher, St. Mary's CE Primary School
Folkestone Kent, United Kingdom

Born in England, Colette Cotton, who has taught for over 30 years, lives on the White Cliffs of Dover and looks over to France from her house. She trained as a teacher for 9-13 year olds, in London, with RE, French and Swimming as her main subjects. In the early1970’s she attended Besancon University in France and then travelled the world with her husband, who was in the Merchant Navy. Colette taught part-time while her family of three grew up. Then, in the 1990’s she became involved with a French link between Kent and Nord Pas de Calais. In completing her MA.Ed, she had to learn how to use the computer efficiently. Being one step ahead of many other teachers at this time, led her into becoming the ICT Co-ordinator at her previous and present schools. ICT now consumes a large part of her professional life as she finds it an amazing technology, which so motivates her pupils.

Merv Campbell Principal, Doncaster Elementary School
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

A long service teacher and school administrator, Merv is currently the Principal of Doncaster Elementary School. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University and a Masters from the University Of Victoria where he has taught in the Faculty of Education in the Curriculum and Instruction Department. In the early 1980’s he was instrumental in bringing the first computers into the classrooms of Victoria. Merv has been nominated for a number of scholarly awards which include; The National Institute Award, and the Prime Minister's Award. His work in Alternate Dispute Resolution has taken him around British Columbia teaching these skills to others.
Galina Jechropova Teacher, School Pajurio
Klaipeda Lithuania

Galina Jechropova was born in 1957 in the Kostroma region in the central part of Russia. In 1981 she graduated from Kostroma University, and in 1982 she moved to Klaipeda Lithuania. Galina has been working as an English teacher at School Pajurio since 1983. She indicates that she loves her job very much. She is married and has two sons, Andrew 23 and Sergej 13. With Galina’s support, Pajurio students continue to make wonderful contributions to SchoolNet Global.
Anders Faerevag Teacher, Rovaer Skole
Haugesund, Norway

Born in 1946, and living on a small island on the west coast of Norway, where he has been working as a teacher for the last 29 years. Anders is trained as both an illustrator/ commercial artist and teacher. He has been active in both professions.

For the last 15 years or so, 75% of his time has been spent running the local Outdoor School, where classes from the mainland come and spend four days on the island, fishing and sailing, rowing and camping. The remaining time is used teaching music at the local primary and secondary school. In addition he has been looking after the computers.

Some years ago Rovaer Skole was a very active participant in the Apple Global Education Network (AGE), joining in on several projects and even winning an international contest producing a school newspaper in 24 hours. The prize was a trip to Belgium for Anders and three of his students where they attended a big Apple conference. The students even had the privilege of interviewing John Scully (then CEO of Apple)! Other personal contacts were established at AGE conferences in Cambridge (England), Askov (Denmark) and Boston (USA).
Karina Mayer French Teacher, Oxford Community School
Oxford, UK

I am Karina Mayer, French teacher and The International Schools Link Coordinator at Oxford Community School.

After successfully achieving many grants from The British Council, such as two Comenius Schools projects We have received the excellent news that we have been accepted for The School International Award.

I love my job because it is very challenging, never boring and very rewarding. A far cry from my dental research days. Prestigious 'certes' but never as colourful as my current position. I am very lucky to be part of such dynamic team here at Oxford .