All I want is... Battle Pack-tion!
Hey hey hey

These five card packs designed for sealed play, play play play
Down at Fan Boy Three, released last Friday, day day day
Two twenty cards? You’ll get a fraction...
‘Cos all we want is Battle Pack-tion

Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

Warmachine and Colossals are coming, hey hey hey
If you like big figures they’re really sumthin’, hey hey hey
Warmachine? Just pick your faction....
‘Cos all we want is Battle Pack-tion

Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

Warcraft: Tomb of the Forgotten, hey hey hey
New Planechace Cards? Well, Fan Boy's got 'em, hey hey hey
Three sets of Cardfight and that's a fact, son...
If you don't just want Battle Pack-tion

Yes, you know it is officially 'too hot' when people are coming into Fan Boy three to cool down (despite having fifty people in store!) And at Fan Boy Three our Organised Play was hot too - launches for Magic: Avacyn Restored (including the only foil Helvault in the country!), Yugioh: Galactic Overlord, Pokemon: Dark Explorers and Cardfight Vanguard Set 6: Breaker of Limits.

June sees us move firmly into National Season - with National level events for Yugioh, Pokemon and Magic, but also with Warcraft: Tomb of the Forgotten, Warmachine Colossals, Free RPG Day (including D&D Next playtesting!) and of course the eagerly awaited Magic: Planechase decks and Yugioh: Battle Pack Epic Dawn, which is just so good it literally redefines the word Epic (and possibly, Dawn).

And did I mention that one of those National events - the World Magic Cup Qualifier - is happening at Fan Boy Three itself?

So break out the icecreams and slap on the bunting, and get ready to celebrate an extra day off work by hanging out at the UK's number one destination organised play venue.

Dave, Ross, Phill, Dom, Nick & Kat
Fan Boy Three

p.s. don't forget that it's never too late to order your personalised Team Fanboy T-shirt - just £10, with your name, nickname and Team Fanboy logo ready to sublimate your personal identity into the mass collective while still retaining your individuality. That's Team Fanboy, baby!
What's on this week?
Friday June 1st
(7pm) Friday Night Magic (£4, Standard)

Saturday June 2nd - MAGIC CON PTQ
(10am) Pokemon League (FREE)
(11am) Yugioh: Battle Pack Release Event (£20, Sealed - every player builds with 10 boosters of Battle Packs, with participation Battle Pack prizes and a box of Battle Packs for the winner!)

Sunday June 3rd - MAGIC CON WMCQ
(noon) Magic: Planechase Launch Event (£15 gets you a random Planechase deck, or you could just buy a regular one and play. Promo Plane Prizes for everyone!)
(7pm) Magic: Drafts of Praise (£10)
Next Week
Monday June 4th - Bank Holiday
(noon) All Day Warmachine & Hordes!!!

Tuesday June 5th
(1pm) Bank Holiday Yugioh Mini Tournament & Nationals Practice (£3 - Turbo Pack prizes)
(6pm) Cardfight Vanguard League

Wednesday June 6th
(6pm) Warcraft, L5R, Casual Magic
(8pm) D&D Encounters - now with more tables!

Thursday June 7th
(5pm) Yugioh Hobby League (FREE) - your last minute chance to hone your Nationals deck and pick up Yugioh sleeves

Remember - if you Top 8'd and Battle of the Kingdoms event you get to play in this! And today is Gold Series V: Haunted Min release day, so why not meet up at Fan Boy Three before heading up to Bolton ;-)
(1pm) It's the school holidays so we're running a FREE Friday Afternoon Magic alongside our regular
(7pm) Friday Night Magic (£4, Standard)

(10am) Pokemon League (FREE)
(1pm) Pokemon Mini-Tournament (£3) - every player wins at least a booster - deck test your Nationals deck here!

(noon) Had enough Yugioh? Check out our unfortunately timed Cardfight Vanguard tournament that I scheduled directly against the Yugioh Nationals! (£5, half a display of the set of your choice for the winner and promos for everyone)
(noon) HeroClix: Infinity Gauntlet Month 6! (£4, Constructed 400 point Modern Age - so basically, figures with their own card with their powers and abilities on) Only two more to go before the big final.
(7pm) Magic: Drafts of Praise (£10)
Long Range Scanner
June 30 - Magic WMCQ
July 1 - Big Tundra Legacy Event
July 7 Cardfight Vanguard EB03 Cavalry of Black Souls
July 7 & 8 - M13 Prereleases
July 28 - Pro Tour Qualifier: Standard
Team Fanboy
Well done to Paul Graham who finished a very respectable 55th out of 1030 at last weekend's Grand Prix Manchester - the largest EVER UK GP.

Congratulations to Team Fanboy's very own Simon He who finished second at Shonen Jump Long Beach at the single biggest collectible cardgaming event EVER!

Well done Bruno Panara, who won PTQ Barcelona. And while we're at it, well done to Jack Rowley for winning the subsequent GPT Lille and Svetoslav Ivanov who won GPT Madrid.

Aloha to Marco Cammilluzzi - no Blue Hawaii for him, because he's Honolulu bound courtesy of the biggest Pro Tour Qualifier in UK history (three quarters of which was at Fan Boy Three, baby!)

Ross finished an impressive 44th in the Warcraft World Championship. Well done Ross!

He wants to be the very best like no-one ever was - well done to Max Phillips who won the 2011 Autumn Pokemon Battleroads against stiff competition from Cumbernauld, Reading and Team Barton.

Congratulations to Jamie Hannah who finished fourth in the UK Magic Nationals 2011. He'll be flying out to San Fransisco for the Magic Worlds later in the year!

Well done to Chad Lloyd, second place finisher in the UK Yugioh Nationals 2011 where he lost in the final to Huddersfield's Jake 'Onion' Quincy. Go Team North!

Rob Catton isn't going to be eating Philadelphia - he's going to be flying to Philadelpia as winner of the biggest Standard PTQ of the season at Fan Boy Three last Saturday.

Well done to the Fanboy Yu-Gi-Oh European Qualifier Qualify-ees: Daniel Walker, who went undefeated and will receive a travel bursary to help him get to Euros! Dan Askew; Allan Kennard; Andrew Lam; Jordan Ruff; David Hails; Simon Ho; Chad Lloyd; and Kenny Gaffney! Commiserations to Thomas Lockett who just missed out on a qualifying spot, coming in 10th!

Congratulations to Russell Moore, Pokemon Spring Battleroads Champion at what looks like being the largest Battleroads in the UK this season.

And go us! Fan Boy Three was the single largest pre-release for New Phyrexia ANYWHERE in the UK. That's a Fan Boy first!

Want to join Team Fanboy? Your Fan Boy card is a one stop shop - we'll keep a track of your DCI, UDE or DGMA number, WizKids or RPGA player ID and update your results on line. Or we would - if any of those even existed anymore!

We'll need your name, address, age, e-mail, and details of any organised play programs you currently have an identity for. Register for your own Fan Boy Card online and start playing in our in store events today.
Getting There
Situated at the heart of Manchester's transport hub, literally a stone's throw from Picadilly Station, it's easy to reach us by road, rail or coach.

Newton Street is situated at the edge of the Northern Quarter, and it's readily accessible right off the A6 ring road. There's local on street parking off Newton Street, but we recommend the Dale Street Car Park as it's £4.50 for the entire day.
Opening Hours
Fan Boy Three is open when you want to shop, then open again for Fan Boy Three card holders when you want to game.

Mon - Closed (Except Bank Holiday Monday)
Tue - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm.
Wed - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm.
Thu - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm.
Fri - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm.
Sat - 10am to 7pm (Evenings for special events)
Sun - Noon to 6pm. (Evenings for Sunday Night Boardgaming every week!)