New Releases for April 28th 2009
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Fancy seeing what we've had in? Here's a list of the last couple month's new releases.

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Card Games
Darkstalkers Realm of Midnight Booster £1.99 *Restock*

Soul Caliber IV Tower of Souls Booster £2.49 *Restock*

Glory of the Empire Booster £2.49 *Restock*
Roleplaying Games
Twilight 2013 £29.99

Wild Cards: All In £14.99
Mutants and Masterminds

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley £22.99

Cortex System £24.99

Six Shooters and Spaceships £18.99

Gates of Flame £11.99
Witch Hunter

Summoners £23.99
Mage: The Awakening

Armoury 2: Reloaded £22.99
World of Darkness

House of the Beast £14.99 *Restock*
Pathfinder #20

Shadowrun Core £21.99 *Restock*

Clan Book: Daeva £13.99 *Restock*
WOD: Vampire

Clan Book: Venture Lords £13.99 *Restock*
WOD: Vampire

Forgotten Realms Player's Guide £16.99 *Restock*
D&D 4E

Nosferatu: Beast that Haunts the Blood £14.99 *Restock*
Vampire: The Requiem
Crunch £8.99
2-4 Players, 12+ Years, 45 mins, TerrorBull Games

Zombies!!! 8: Jailbreak £11.99
Zombies!!! Expansion

War for Edadh: The Begining £17.99

Smallword £34.99 *Restock*

Killer Bunnies Red £7.99 *Restock*
Killer Bunnies Expansion

Killer Bunnies Violet £7.99 *Restock*
Killer Bunnies Expansion

Killer Bunnies Twilight White £7.99 *Restock*
Killer Bunnies Expansion

Catapult £12.99 *Restock*
Carcassonne Expansion

Humans!!! £18.99 *Restock*
Zombies!!! Expansion/Stand Alone Game

Arkham Horror £44.99 *Restock*

Curse of the Dark Pharaoh £19.99 *Restock*
Arkham Horror Expansion

Vault of Fiends £13.99 *Restock*

Dragons of the Forsaken Desert £13.99 *Restock*

Realm of the Ice Witch £13.99 *Restock*

Call of the Lich Lord £13.99 *Restock*
Epic Dungeoneer

Wrath of the Serpent Goddess £12.99 *Restock*
Legendary Dungeoneer

Eve Conquests £59.99 *Restock*
Miniatures Games
Clone Wars Map Pack 1 £7.99 *Restock*
Star Wars
Wargames Illustrated #259 £3.95
Cthulhu Dice £8.99 *Restock*
Q Workshop, Pink and Black

4 pack of Markers £5.99 *Restock*
For battlemaps; red, green, blue and black

Marker £2.49 *Restock*
For battlemaps; black

Deck Box £1.49 *Restock*
Red, White or Blue

Deck Protectors £2 *Restock*
50 Yugioh Sized; Black, Green, Red or Blue

9 Pocket Portfolio £3.99 *Restock*