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Earthdawn (Living Room Games)
Fancy surviving the Scourge, then succombing to something as mundane as Chapter Eleven. One game that didn't survive the closing of FASA's doors was their fantasy RPG set in the magical prehistory of the Shadowrun setting. Fortunately Living Room Games have performed a resurrection nothing short of miraculous. As a standalone setting or an insight into the corners of the Shadowrun game world, Earthdawn comes highly recommended.

Fan Boy Three Tip: Try picking up copies of the old FASA Earthdawn supplements. The Barsaive boxed set shouldn't set you back too much moolah, and comes with it's own magical terrain ruler & sextant.
New for Earthdawn
LRG 206 The Book of Dragons 12.99
When Earthdawn 'died' it left the great Book of Dragons an incomplete manuscript. Since many of the great wyrms of Barsaive live on to become movers and shakers in Shadowrun, two sets of FASA fans have been slavering for this one since Clinton was in the White House.
Core Rules
LRG200 Earthdawn RPG 19.99
LRG201 Earthdawn Companion 18.99
DM Sourcebooks
LRGED101 Barsaive At War 12.99
LRG202 Barsaive in Chaos 12.99
LRG204 Scourge Unending 11.99
LRG205 Way of War: Makers of Legend 11.99
LRGED100 Path of Deception 9.99
LRG203 Earthdawn Screen 12.99
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You'll find plenty of fan resources on the net - check out www.earthdawn.com