"It's Princess Ruby's birthday soon,"
The King cried in a tizzy
He put the maids in such a whirl
It made the footmen dizzy.

High up in the tower
Little Ruby lounged in bed
"My special day must be the best
Or ELSE!" the Princess said...

She shouted out her orders
While the servants bowed and smiled
She yelled and bawled and kicked her feet
She WAS a horrid child!

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Have you ever met anybody quite as horrid as Princess Ruby? She is the WORST kind of spoilt child in the world! But her greedy demands backfire when her father buys a few too many presents.
Magnolia Award - Children's Choice Award for the State of Mississippi, USA
The Princess and the Presents has won the Magnolia Award for K-2, 2016

The Award aims to "introduce the children of Mississippi to current children's literature and instil a love of reading."

Lindsay Beck, Secretary, and PreK-2nd Selection Committee Chair for the Award, said, "Your book was a hit with our committee and I can also say as a school librarian, who went through the voting process with all of my students, that it was a hit with them too! Please accept my congratulations on behalf of the committee and the children of Mississippi."
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The Princess and the Presents has been translated into the following languages:
Catalan, Chinese (complex), Chinese (simplified) Danish, Dutch, Greek, Korean, Russian, Spanish and US English.
Red Reading Hub
An up-to-date cautionary tale with a powerful punch and peachy ending.
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Kids' Book Review
let's just say that there is a new favourite picture book in our house and it's this one! The Princess and the Presents is true picture-book perfection - a gorgeous, dazzling combination of brilliantly clever rhyming text and fabulously exuberant illustrations. Love it!
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Story Snug
The Princess and the Presents is told in an easy to read rhyming text and I love reading the dialogue in a funny voice. Sarah Warburton’s illustrations are hilarious, there are so many amusing details in the pictures.
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Perfectlyperfect rhyming story with illustrations fizzing with glittering delight bravo
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KJ Noyes via Amazon
My son really liked this. Probably because it was all about presents. But it's a great rhyming story of a vey spoiled princess who gets a little too much for her birthday. And who nearly loses what she most treasures when it all becomes too much for her palace. A sweet resolution. My son was very happy to see the way it ended and agreed she was too greedy.
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Story Mama
We love a story in which a demanding child realises life is not about material possessions. This book is an absolute delight. Ruby who isn’t really so bad finally decides that family is more important than presents. A great book with a fantastic message. We recommend for ages 4+
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Sarah Yewman via Guardian Witness
If you want to see a Diva of monumental proportions then look no further. This horror of a spoilt brat really takes the royal biscuit! She screams and shouts and makes numerous demands. Luckily she does get the opportunity to redeem herself by the end of the book, but both of my children commented on how dreadful her behaviour is. It's good to remind ourselves of how we should behave and this book certainly helps reinforce this!
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