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Most participating institutions have Mobility projects running for varying periods during the Pilot Projects. This enables students to maximise opportunities for participation in partner countries, exproring specific elements of the project.

Of particular importance is the use of these student exchanges to test the various Modules being developed in all the partner countries, providing the foundation for future programmes of collaboration and transnational opportunity.

In the following pages you will find examples of the research and artifacts produces during placements.
Below are examples of work produced by Northbrook students at Vingaskolan
Compwood artifact
Compwood artifact
Chair nearing completion
This fascinating chair demonstrates the importance of good jig making and the precision that can be achieved with compressed timber.
Examples of Compwood components
Repetitive components can be easily produced once the necessary techniques are mastered. However, a creative approach to jig making is essential combined with a thorough understanding of the timber species used.
Exploration with Compwood processed bendable timber
The adventurous young student designer can find considerable scope for his or her imagination. Although most of the student work to date has been in the area of furniture, the material suggests exciting opportunities for the sculptor.
Bend and Twist
Unlike laminating processes which normally limit bends to to a single plane, Compwood presents true three-dimensional bending opportunities.
Legs of table under construction - by William Milne
The time available to bend, jig and cramp during fabrication of cold bendable solid wood components, gives the designer the opportunity to conceive ideas not otherwise possible with such precision. We look forward to the completion of this piece.
Solid wood bending exploration
A Northbrook student on a mobility progect at Vingaskolan
Student interaction at Vingaskolan
UK and Swedish students share practical experiences
Bending Jig
An example of one of the jigging systems used by students.