69 BOXES were packed with goodies for the school and township community
What a lot of stuff!
What a lot of stuff!
Our community donated so many things that our school was overflowing. Every class helped to pack and label all the boxes with toys, books, clothes and computers. A total of 69 boxes went to Dihlabeng.

Great Western Packaging Company in Swindon gave us the boxes and delivered them free to school.

“Give it all you’ve got,
because you’ve really got a lot”.
is what we have learned on this project.

Sometimes this challenge was harder than we expected it to be. We had to work hard to get things done. We planned the collections, sent out posters and emails, asked people for donations, made phone calls to get help from local companies, made things to raise money and held fundraising events.

We learned that teamwork gets things done.
It was a long haul from Swindon to Clarens.
The Boxes arrived just in time for Christmas
The Boxes arrived just in time for Christmas
Elvis and Beatrice helped to unload the truck in Dihlabeng.
Dihlabeng shared everything with people who needed things the most.They sent us an email update on the boxes:

Glasses have been sent to Cape Town where they were recycled and sent to people who can’t afford new glasses.
Sewing machines were given to a garage which has been converted into a room for people to learn to sew and set up their own business.
Five computers have gone to a training centre to help adults learn ICT skills.
Clothes were made into parcels and sent to some of the most needy families in Kgubetswana (the township in Clarens) and some will be sent to Lesotho.
Baby clothes were sent to a church working with people with HIV/AIDS
Early year’s equipment has been used in the pre school room at Dihlabeng.
Sports equipment has been used all through the school.
Bikes, - one has been kept for the school, one has been sent to a boy that lives alone with his 16 year old brother. The last bike went to John the Pastor as he had no transport.
Art resources, -there was a giant powder paint spillage but luckily nothing was damaged.
It is enjoyed all around the school.

It is really great to see where the resources have gone. It was a pleasure to collect
For dihlabeng.