Our International Partners
One of the 3 R’s is Roles. A few weeks ago we had a discussion about the roles of children in different countries. We also discussed the roles of adults and children in school using tree diagrams to display our results. We used pictures to show the different roles of people within different communities.
We made a questionnaire to ask the children in our Comenius schools and the schools we are working with to do this. These schools are placed in:

Barcelona - Spain
Florence - Italy
Quimpere - France
Czech Republic
Dihlabeng - South Africa

The results were really interesting. Why not have a look and see for yourself on our 'Who Said What' page?

As children at home in England we realised that we have fewer responsibilities than many other countries might have. Our parents look after us and many of the duties we perform are done because we want to rather than because we must. We discovered that looking after our pets, for example, is not as important as looking after animals such as chickens or pigs which provide the family with food. We also discovered that many other countries need the older children to look after their little brothers and sisters where we might have a babysitter.
South Africa
Dihlabeng Christian School
CEIP La Farigola de Vallcarca
Sant Camil 31
08023 Barcelona
Ecole Ste Philomene
Rue L'aviateur le Brix 14
29100 Douarnenez
Czech Republic
Zakladni Skola
67162 Znujmo
Czech Republic
Scuola Elementare Lavagnini/Rossini
Viale Lavagnini 35
5029 Firenze