Making the Links
Do children always have their rights upheld?

Leaden Hall School sent out questionnaires to children in our partner schools in Europe and South Africa to find out about the different responsibilities that children have at home, e.g. cleaning, cooking, fetching water and working for money.

Leaden Hall sampled partner schools in South Africa, UK, Italy, France, and Spain. We used the results to compare similarites and differences in our responsibilities.

These graphs show us a lot about other countries and what sort of responsibilities the children have. We were surprised about a lot of things.

Children in each country have many different responsibilities.
Chopping the wood surprised us. South Africa with 16% did the most chopping wood but France also had 13%. And 25% of Italian children collect fuel for the fire.
Most French children looked after siblings. French children at 63% also did lots of cooking.

English children looked after pets the most while South African children look after chickens and farm animals.

English children do the least work for money while France does the most. Italian children do the most shopping by themselves, but English children do the least.

South African children, a huge 40% collected the most water for their family and in Europe no other children collect water at all.

We all tidy up, as over 60% of all the children in each country helped to clean the house. Do parents agree?