Our Adventure into Business
Project for Autumn 2004
Our project keeps up its momentum!

This is the second year in our Building Bridges Project together and Leaden Hall School in Salisbury, Peatmoor School in Swindon and Dihlabeng School in Clarens, South Africa have completed another exciting challenge.


To run a business! Each school enlisted their gifted and talented pupils aged 9-11years to run their businesses from the business planning right through to winding up. As all our projects, it ran for one term only so there was no time to waste. Dihlabeng held a craft market, Peatmoor made calendars and Leaden Hall loaned videos to children and parents at the school.

"Our get-togethers at Peatmoor and Leaden Hall were great fun! We have all shared our experiences and agree that running a business is very hard work"

This is what the 9-11 year old pupils from Peatmoor and Leaden Hall concluded:

* Teamwork is essential.
* You need to be positive and committed.
* Organisation
* Common Sense
* Choosing the job that suits you best.
* Contributing and putting an effort towards the team.
* Detail is so important
* You MUST have fun!

Leaden Hall School January 2005
Calendars R Us Team
Calendars R Us Team
Videos 4 U Team
Videos 4 U Team
Arrival of calendars at Dihlabeng
Arrival of calendars at Dihlabeng