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Franz Ferdinand and our pal Alex.
Franz Ferdinand and our pal Alex.
The school now has a new Statement of Intent that will act as a blueprint for our aspirations for the next three years. Please read it and comment.
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Our P6 invite you to enter the great Nuclear Power debate, visit the P6 area to check it out. Make your opinions known about this hot topic.

For up to date news and information please visit the Administration page.

In the Nursery section you can find a copy of the latest Care Commission report and the action plan the school will implement as a result. Overall we are delighted with the report as it confirms the good work undertaken there.

Our P5 class interviewed Alex Kapranos from the famous band Franz Ferdinand, http://www.franzferdinand.co.uk it is available in the p5live section where we now have the whole interview for you to hear click here to listen. It's a wee bit crackly but still very good and interesting. Many thanks again to Alex for being such a good sport for taking part.

Two P5 pupils, Blair and Yve will also have reports about Big Cats in the same section, they are quite big downloads so give them some time before viewing! Click
here to download.

P5 get to interview the First Minister!
Jack McConnell First Minister
Jack McConnell First Minister
Great news! The interview has taken place and is ready for you to listen to.
The P5 class interviewed Jack on Wednesday the 17th of May whilst he was in Bute House.
You can see the questions they asked here.

If you want to hear the interview in full go to our
podcast section.

Jack sent the pupils a lovely letter.
Dear Richard
I am writing to thank you for allowing me to take part in a podcast with the Primary 5 pupils from East Linton Primary School. I enjoyed speaking to the pupils and answering their questions. The questions were very well put and just as probing as many asked at First Minister's Questions. The pupils were articulate and confident and are a credit to the school.
I look forward to receiving the edited version of the question time and I would be grateful if you could pass my thanks to the pupils. Good luck with the school podcast project.

Please check the new maths resources in the Homework. pages. There is a detailed overview of what the pupils study at each level and examples of how you can help your child with maths. Please try the feed-back on the pages to let us know how good they are.

Take time to have a look at the Exc-el Network to see exciting and innovative work being carried out by a wide variety of pupils and staff in East Lothian.

P5 Interview Ann Widdecombe
Ann Widdecombe MP
Ann Widdecombe MP
The Primary 5 class had the honour to interview Miss Ann Widdecombe the Member of Parliament for Maidstone and the Weald.
You can see the questions they asked here. You can also hear the whole interview as the pupils recorded it from the telephone. Some great questions and some equally good answers. The pupils really enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it. Listen and make up your own minds.
The pupil's new blog can be seen
here., please visit and leave some comments. We promise to get back in touch!