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The History
ONLY four sets of brothers ever have been awarded the Victoria Cross and their numbers include two Old Victorians, Reginald William and Euston Henry Sartorius, two of three Sartorius brothers at Victoria College who all went on to military careers.

They joined the College in 1855 as boarders from their home in Portugal.

Reginald William Sartorius, a major in the 6th Bengal Cavalry, Indian Army, won his medal in what is now Ghana during the First Ashanti Expedition.

On 17 January 1874 during the attack on Abogu, Ashanti, the 32-year-old Major Sartorius removed, under heavy fire, a Houssa non-commissioned officer who was mortally wounded and placed him under cover.

Major Sartorius survived to receive his medal and later achieved the rank of Major General and was appointed Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George.

Five years later, Reginald’s younger brother, Euston Henry Sartorius, was a captain in the 59th Regiment, later the East Lancashire Regiment, in the Second Afghan War.

On 24 October 1879 at Shahjui, Afghanistan, aged 34, Captain Sartorius led a party of four or five men against a number of the enemy who were occupying an almost inaccessible position on the top of a precipitous hill.

The nature of the ground made any regular formation impossible and Captain Sartorius and his men were fired on by the enemy as they reached the top of the steep pathway.

The action was, however, a complete success owing to the gallant and cool bearing of the captain, although one of his men was killed and he himself was wounded by sword cuts in both hands.

He survived to receive his medal and later progressed to Major General and was appointed Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

He retired to Portugal, where he held the title of Conde de Penhafirmi.

The Sartorius medals can be seen in the National Army Museum, Chelsea.

We have not taken possession of these great names without authority. General E H Sartorius, VC, consents, but modestly suggests (VCs are always modest) that some officer who took part in the Great War may have a better claim for the commemoration of his name. We do not agree.